How to clean Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

No doubt, smoking foods are always lovable to the foodie’s people. Especially, using an electric smoker for this purpose is the easiest way, and this adds double flavor to your smoky food. However, the cleaning process seems complicated for some people who haven’t enough knowledge about using and maintaining an electric smoker.

How to Clean Masterbuilt Electric Smoker before its use:

Or, if you have a new electric smoker with no mold, maggots, or any debris, you want to clean it before its seasonal wash. Equipment needs are newspapers, bristle-free brush, sponges, a scouring pad, grill scraper, paper towels, tongs, tin, boiling water, and a microwave bowl.

Then follow simple steps that make it easier for you. First, follow the user manual for cleaning the smoker.

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Step 1: Interior side cleaning

Cleaning the interior side is easy when the smoker is warm. So for this, you have to preheat the new smoker. Here you have to remove the drip pan, water pan, and shelves of the electric smoker and rinse water.

Step 2: Clean the sides of the smoker

You can clean smoker sides and chambers by spraying water on them and wiping them off with damp clothes.

Step 3: Clean the Glass Door

The last step is to clean the glass door and only use plastic or wood scraper for this purpose.

Step 4: Wash the outer side of the smoker

Wash the electric smoker with soapy water; no extra cleaner you needed. Use a damp cloth with warm soapy water and wipe this sponge all over the exterior of the smoker. It will remove the dirt from it.

Moreover, if the smoker has stainless or glass windows outside, then use glass cleaner for an awe-inspiring and clean look.

How to Clean Rusty used Electric Smoker?

Used smokers mostly become rusty, and fungus or mold growth occurred in them.
The following tricks and tips will make it easier to clean the master-built electric smoker efficiently.

Step 1: Removal of Mold

Mold grows fastly in greasy and moist places, so that’s why it becomes an issue or removing it.

  • First, you have to discard the residual food from your electric smoker. Cover your mouth; this will protect you from spores inhaling while cleaning and saves you from an allergic reaction.
  • Next is to heat the smoker at its maximum temperature; this will burn all the grease and mold from the smoker.
  • Later after doing this, let the temperature settle down at room temperature, start the scraping of the mold and grease.
  • Wash the grill inside and the electric smoker with soap and a scrubber.
  • Last, then again, lit up the grill for one more time; this will ensure you complete removal of mold and residual grease burning effectively.

Step 2: Maggots Cleaning

Maggots grow in moisturizing places, and as we know, electric smokers give tender and juicy meat. And in their drip pas, many excess marinate juices are collected, which leads to maggot’s growth.
For removing them, you have to follow some of the following steps:

  • First is to put on a face mask and wear safety gloves; this will protect you from allergic maggots by reducing the chance of contact with larvae.
  • Then first, you have to remove the residual food, heat the smoker at its maximum heating capacity. It will burn all the maggots’ production and germs.
  • Mix bleach and liquid soap in warm water, and then add it to the spray bottle.
  • Spray this mixture on the inner compartment of the smoke and leave it for ten minutes.
  • Use a brush for scrubbing the maggot debris from the grill. Now use wipe sheets for cleaning the burnt maggots.
  • Last, once again, heat the electric smoker to its maximum peak; all the larvae will disinfect excellently through this.

What you can use for cleaning the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker:

Step 1: Use of Apple Cider Vinegar:

Assuredly, it’s the simplest way to smoke your meat with an electric smoker, but cleaning it after the barbecue party is a little bit hard. Meat, oil and marinate juices for moisture produce a foul smell in the smoker. However, not to worry more about this; apple cider vinegar is a great and natural cleaner.

  • Fill the spray bottle with water, mix apple cider vinegar to it and use hot water instead of cold water for enhancing cleaning action.
  • Spray this apple cider vinegar insider the smoker in a liberally way. It will break down the debris and grease from the smoker surfaces or racks. After completing all this process, leave this ready mixture for five to ten minutes.
  • Take a scrubber, scrub gently to lose all the grease and dirt, and wipe off the smoker grill with a damp cloth. It will eliminate the foul smell and dry up the smoker grill.

Step 2: Use of Oven Cleaner

Oven cleaner is another best option for cleaning the masterbuilt electric smoker. Although, the oven cleaner consists of caustic soda that may leave a hazardous impact on your health. While smoking, things get directly interact with the smoker, so having their residual chemical of the cleaner makes the bitter food taste. However, the following simple steps make cleaning possible if you want to do it with oven cleaner.

  • The first is to spray this cleaner in the smoker’s inner compartment and let the cleaner sit for two to three minutes.
  • Secondly, remove the dirt by using a cleaning brush.
  • Next, clean the smoker’s inner compartment by using water; this will remove all the grids.

Final Thoughts

Assuredly, the electric smoker is one of the best home appliances or gadgets for smoking BBQ ribs, brisket, and much more you want. However, its maintenance is essential for long-term use and effective flavor taste to your smoky dishes. Our step-by-step cleaning guide will make it easier and let you clean your electricity smoky excellently.

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