How to Season Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Finally, saved up enough money to buy yourself the most trusted and reliable electric smoker by Masterbuilt? If yes then we can feel the need for you to instantly start smoking meat on it. However, before you go ahead and do so, read this article and learn about an incredibly simple yet efficient process that will enhance the quality and flavor of your meat majorly.

Importance of Seasoning your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Seasoning of any electric smoker, be it Masterbuilt or any other name, is highly important and significant for a number of reasons. Let us start by discussing exactly what the term seasoning means. Contrary to popular belief, the seasoning of smokers refers to testing them before smoking your meat in it and thereby lighting up the smoke lining on the wall. Why is this seasoning needed?

Although Masterbuilt is known to provide its users with extremely convenient appliances, it is common for their and other electric smokers to have residue like dust and oil solvents inside. These, if not removed, will not only stick to your meat and degrade its quality but also adversely affect your health when consumed. Seasoning of a Masterbuilt electric smoker burns these toxins and rids you off their disadvantages easily.

Moreover, the construction of electric smokers with metal and steel mean that they are prone to rusting after some time. To extend the lifetime of your smoking machine and protect it from rusting easily, you need to cure its exterior and interior paint adequately. This again, is done by dry running your smoker and helps boost the longevity of appliance!

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Now, let’s discuss what the seasoning of a Masterbuilt electric smoker does to your food. With a protective coating on your interior structure, a Masterbuilt smoker majorly advances the taste and juiciness of your meat. It does so by increasing the smoking intensity and eradicating any bad or foul odors from your food.

How to season your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

Step 1: Assembling your smoker

Starting right from the scratch, take your electric smoker out from the box and read the included Masterbuilt guide about how to assemble your smoker carefully. Check if all the required parts and equipment is included and if such is not the case, then immediately pack the machine back and request for an exchange.

For the next step, you need a soft and clean cloth and soap or electric smoker detergent. Using this, clean the inside of your smoker and every removable component like drip trays and racks neatly. Be sure to not clean any electrical component and let your machine dry completely.

Step 2: Oiling your Smoker

Vegetable oil, be it of grapeseed or avocado is mandatory for this step. Now, you need to spread a fine layer of oil all over the interior of your Masterbuilt smoker. You can do this by either using a cloth or spray bottle but stray away from doing this on the heating element of the smoker as it could lead to a potential fire! Also, remember to use a moderate amount of oil, neither too little nor too much.

You do not need to oil your Masterbuilt racks, dripping trays, or dustpans individually. Just insert these inside the machine once you have oiled it completely and remember to follow Masterbuilt’s advice and use wood chips in place of pallets.

Step 3: Seasoning your Smoker

The first two steps are the same for all smoking machines, no matter what type or brand you are using. However, it is the setting temperature and time of any smoker that vary from brand to brand. Here, we will take into consideration the exact details for seasoning of a Masterbuilt smoking machine.

After oiling your machine and opening its vents all the way down, plug your electric smoker in and prepare yourself to watch it season. Set the temperature of the completely empty smoker to its highest value, which is 275 F in the case of Masterbuilt and let it smoke for three hours.

Just as your timer rings, open your smoker and leave it like that for some time, to rest. From that very instance, your Masterbuilt Smoker is ready to cook you the tastiest meals without any toxins or producing foul odours!

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Final Thoughts

Well chefs and party hosts, there you have it. The most basic yet elaborative guide on how to season your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker without burning yourself or running into any difficulty in between. We hope that this guide has helped you learn about the importance of seasoning your smokers and what details and specifications you need to keep in mind when using a Masterbuilt product.
We wish you all a very happy and thrilling seasoning and smoking experience!

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