How to Smoke a Brisket in an Electric Smoker

It’s incredible to be enjoying the tender and juicy meat of a smoked brisket; that is a meat piece around the cow’s chest. However, cooking this meat piece becomes difficult and does not result in a juicy and tender meal. Therefore, to keep it full of flavor, tender, and juicy, you have to smoke it in an electric smoker.

Let’s Overview how to Smoke a Brisket in an Electric Smoker in a step by step Guide

Step 1: Pick a Brisket

Pick it by checking the flexibility parameters; this means choose that Brisket that easily bends. By this, you’ll determine the number of connective tissues present in it. Only a brisket that consisting of less connective tissue will produce the final juice product. Then the size and weight of a brisket; this you determine on your family requirement and budget.

Step 2: Trim the picked Brisket

Trimming is an essential factor while smoking the Brisket. In this, you have to the top fat for a Smokey flavor. However, while doing this, keep in mind that too much trimming may lead to dryness because it couldn’t absorb moisture. So you have to trim all sides excellently with the proper equipment.

Step 3: Adding Rub to the Brisket

Next, adding a rub to it is another worth considering factor, and by this natural flavors of the Brisket increase with the dry rub. Plus, this rub helps the Brisket to become a crunchy bark.

Step 4: Preheat the Electric Smoker

It’s necessary to preheat the smoker before adding Brisket to it. It would be best to make possible that the temperature stabilized at 225°F; it will give you hundred percent juicy results.

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Step 5: Get the Brisket in the Smoker

For getting it in the smoker, apply the following procedure: 

First, bring it to room temperature, and this may take an hour.  Please place it in a position that the fat cap of the meat remains up, as the melting cap will keep the moistening in the flesh. Then move on and set a pan filled with cider, water, or any juice in the smoker.

It will keep the chamber moisture, so on firing, meats don’t dry. Besides, this lets the smoke penetrate the flesh. Once you closed the lid after completing the process, sit back and let the smoker work magically. 


Do not open the lid because this will result in smoke and heat escaping. Therefore, the cooking time expands. So keep the top close and check the temperature through a wireless digital thermometer; this will prevent heat loss.

Next, after two hours of smoking, spray any liquid like water, apple juice, or vinegar onto the Brisket. It will keep your meat moist and provide a tasty crust to your smoky dish.

Step 6: Figure out how long the Brisket needs

Here many different factors come depending on the brisket condition and size and figuring based these. However, the rule of thumb is to cook an hour per pound, and in this way, 12-pound Brisket will take around 12 hours for cooking. Yet, this is a rough estimate; do not rely on it entirely.

Step 7: Maintain the internal Temperature

Maintaining the internal temperature is too vital for cooking or smoking the meat perfectly. You have keep an eye on the internal temperature; once it reaches 165°F, you must wrap the meat in an aluminum foil and ensure no open spots or holes are showing.

However, please give it a baste with any cider, vinegar, juice, or water before wrapping.  This method will provide fast temperature efficiency to the Brisket and add moisture to it.  Secondly, you can wrap your meat when it starts showing a crunchy thick bark. Now let it move to 190°F after wrapping.

Step 8: Rest the Brisket

Once the Brisket reaches 190°F, please remove it from the electric smoker rest it for few minutes. It will disperse the juices throughout the smoked Brisket because too early cutting will lead to a tasteless end on the chopping board or plate.

Step 9: Slice the Smoked Brisket

Take a serrated knife and a cutting board for slicing the smoked Brisket. Plus, hold a knife with an extended blade cut; this will cut it without shredding. Start cutting from the opposite side of the flat side, and the size of the cutting slice must around ¼ inches thick.

Moreover, only cut it while you will serve, not cut it earlier; it may lead to drying out and flavorless. So if you are looking for late serving or waiting for someone special guest, wrap it without cutting.

Example (Spice Rub)

An easy spice rub recipe as an example for more clearly knowing; that how to smoke a brisket in an electric smoker:

  • Took butcher paper for wrapping the Brisket while cooking process. It is optional; you may take aluminum for this purpose.
  • Total time for cooking 5lbs brisket is 13 hours and twenty minutes; 20 minutes for preparing, twelve hours for cooking, and then one hour for resting. With almost 155Kcal, an eight serving meal ready.
  • Equipment required included an aluminum foil or butcher paper, a spray bottle, an electric smoker, latex gloves.
  • The ingredients you needed for Spice Rub are three tablespoons of chili powder and crushed garlic. Plus, one tablespoon kosher salt, brown sugar, oregano, black pepper, cumin, onion powder, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper leaves. Plus, 5lbs one brisket, and water, or any juice for basting.

How to smoke this 5lbs Brisket?

First, ensure that the Brisket is not frozen; it is at room temperature. Trim its excess fat and silver skin, dry it by adding chili powder, brown sugar, black pepper, garlic salt, oregano, cumin, garlic salt, kosher salt, cayenne pepper, and smoked paprika and then mix thoroughly. Rub this mixture by using latex gloves. Preheat the smoker and put your Brisket in the smoker; let it smoke for at least two hours without opening the lid. Repeat it until it is smoked perfectly, rest it out for at least one hour and then cut into slices and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Thanks, it’s all about how to smoke a brisket in an electric smoker; hopefully, this will make cooking a brisket in an electric smoker.

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