How to Smoke Salmon on an Electric Smoker

Do you know that Salmon is a favorite cuisine of more than half of the population of the United States? Yes, that’s true and this scale is often linked with the delicious flavor of smoked salmon. However, to make this possible, you must know how to prepare and use Salmon in an electric smoker.

Given the different types of Salmon smoking and the complex internal system of electric smokers, it is probable that many amateur chefs tend to get confused and ultimately cook bland salmon for their guests. To guard against the possibility of this happening, we have bought this incredibly easy-to-follow guide for you!

How to smoke Salmon in an electric smoker?

Step 1: Preparing your Salmon

i.  Selecting your type

There are two main types of salmon produced. The first is farm-raised or in an open water pen and the next type is caught from the wild. Farm-raised salmon are not only bigger in size but contain a higher fat content like the Atlantic or Columbia River King salmon. This type is the best choice for smoking on electric smokers as its excess fat offers superior juiciness and flavor.

On the other hand, salmon caught from the wild lacks this fat and is, therefore, faster to smoke on electric smokers. These are arguably the best match for grilling instead. Whichever type you end up selecting on, be sure to smell it before buying and check for clarity in its eyes. Overly smelly fishes often mean that they have been stored for a long time and are not fresh.

ii. Cleaning and seasoning

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After you have bought the fish, its time to clean and cut it to be seasoned. Start by taking the pin bones out from the upper portion of the fillet until its spine. You can do this either by using a pair of tweezers or asking the fish monger nicely.

Right after this, you should look for the natural line contouring your fish’s belly and trim it off. This is also served as an additional snack with the smoked salmon at times. The next step is to scrape the skin side using a sharp knife with the intention of de-scaling it.

Wash this trimmed salmon body with cold water and pat it until it is completely dry. Finally, it’s time to season this fish according to your preference. Start by spreading salt and pepper and advance on this further as per your requirement and the type of flavor you want.

Step 2: Preparing your Electric Smoker

Once your salmon is seasoned and ready to be smoked, its time to get started with setting up your electric smoker. Firstly, preheat your smoker up to 225 degrees (F). You can use any type of fruit wood to do this, be it cherry or apple one as both applaud the flavour of your fish.

When this temperature is reached, place your salmon on a grate layered with vegetable oil, to prevent sticking and place it inside the smoker. Use an internal thermometer to keep a check on salmon’s temperature and let it cook until this reads a value near 140 degrees.

Poke and pull the fish out while it is being smoked and take it out completely only after it has started to show a vivid red color on its crust and pink non-translucent one inside. Your smoker would take between an hour or more to completely smoke your salmon, depending upon its size and thickness.

Step 3: Serving your Guests

As soon as your salmon has cooked perfectly and reached its enriched colour and taste, take the fish out of the electric smoker and serve it hot. Pair it with the famous and most adored Pinot Noir drink and watch your guests go absolutely crazy over its taste and perfection!

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Final Thoughts

Knowing how tricky smoking a salmon on an electric smoker can be, it is important to know what steps you need to pull off before bringing the dish in front of your guests. To hook your guests in with your dish’s presentation and heavenly flavor, follow our simple and short guide about how to smoke salmon on electric smokers!

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