How to use a Char Broil Electric Smoker

Char Broil has been one of the leading names in the cooking and smoking industry. Given this excellent reputation, it is no wonder that many amateur chefs and party hosts plan to start their smoking expedition with this smoking machine. However, they often struggle using this electric smoker because of its complex interior and operation.

To ease this difficulty, we have bought the perfect guide for everyone about how to use a Char Broil electric smoker. Yes, you heard us right. So stick around to read this article entirely, and we promise that by the end, you will feel more confident and aware about whatever meat you are smoking in this Char Broil electric smoker.

Benefits of using a Char Broil Electric smoker over other Smoking Machines

Although many smoking brands have released incredibly pleasing and satisfactory electric smokers, Char Broil still maintains a notable presence for every chef, given its prominent and flexible features.

Ease of movement

Given how portability is essential for camping feats or just carrying the smoker around, Char Broil always tries to finish its products in the most easy to move design. As a result, they get rid of any excess weight from the unit but equip it with smooth and premium quality wheels.

Easy to maintain

One thing that Char Broil excels at is prioritizing customer ease above everything else. To make maintaining their electric smokers convenient and effortless, they finish their machine with no moving parts.

Moreover, the inclusion of a removal grate and ash collector eradicates your need to collect these residual materials and needs you to only clean your smoker from the inside from time to time.

How to use Char Broil Electric Smoker?

Step 1: Assembling your Electric Smoker

The first step before you start using your Char Broil smoker is to assemble it correctly. For this, go through the instruction manual carefully and check if all the mentioned parts are present in the box. Next, move on to assemble the smoker as instructed by Char Broil and take out its drip trays and water pan.

Step 2: : Seasoning your Electric Smoker

Please don’t go and immediately start cooking in your electric smoker as soon as it has been arranged. Instead, if you want enhanced flavor and a high standard of food, take time to season your Char Broil smoker afterward.
We won’t go into detail about the importance of seasoning here but do a quick overview about what needs to be done to season your Char Broil electric smoker.

After placing your racks and trays inside the smoker, turn the appliance on by pressing its power button. Then, using the allocated arrows, set the smoker’s temperature to its maximum value, being 275 degrees in the case of Char Broil, and leave the smoker to dry run for precisely two hours. Once the timer goes off, please switch off the smoker and leave it to cool down for a while.

Step 3: Preparing your Electric Smoker

As soon as your smoker is seasoned and cooled, move on to soaking its wood chips in hot water for almost two hours. This will work with the seasoned smoker to produce greater smoking intensity and flavor. Using a spray bottle or brush, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil inside the lid and body, excluding its heating element.

Fill the included Char Broil water pan with two third hot water or any other liquid and add 1.5 cups of wood chips into the reflector plate. Place the smoker on a leveled and heat proof surface and turn the controller down before plugging it in. As soon as this is done, turn the controller up.

Step 4: Smoking your Meat

It’s about time to place your meat, be it Boston putt or turkey, on your baking tray and place it inside the electric smoker. Remember to include a meat thermometer to record its internal temperature and add additional water and wood chips as per your need.

Let your meat cook until it has reached the required temperature on the thermostat, and check up on its water level from time to time. As soon as this is done, take your baking tray out and turn off your electric smoker but leave its door open to let it cool.

Final Thoughts

Well, everyone there, you have it. The functionality and usage of the advanced Char Broil electric smoker concluded in the most elaborative yet understandable way possible. Knowing and having tried the smoking machine ourselves, we know what a chore using an electric smoker can be for anyone.

Therefore, we hope we aid you in erasing this difficulty and help you achieve the most professional smoking experience and meat using our step by step guide and the reliable Char Broil electric smoker. Happy Smoking!

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