How to Use an Electric Smoker

We all are bored and fed up now by using the old accustomed forms of grilling. In the modern world of advanced technology, as we changed our lives style according to the surrounding environment, we also look for easy cooking or smoking method that save our time and results in tastier and flavorful smoking items.

An electric smoker is the best option to fulfill this need, but you must know how to use it for smoking perfectly. Our step-by-step, most simplistic guide will make it easier for you to use it for different smoking purposes, so not to wait for more, let’s check it out.

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Step 1: Buy the Electric Smoker:

First is to have an Best Electric Smoker, buy it that is the perfect one for your need. You’ll determine and find the best one for your fit by keeping factors, included food size, electricity availability, suitable plug connection, and budget-friendly.

Now, after buying, ensure the perfect and accurate position in your house or where ever you want to fit it safely.

Step 2: Power up the Electric Smoker:

A regular power supply is a demand for cooking perfectly, so a proper uninterrupted power supply makes it a preference. Please turn on the ignition after connecting it to the electric source.

Step 3: Use Aluminum plate:

While using it, ensure first that an aluminum plate present under the grill grates of the smoker. This plat will fill with water and with flavoring herbs. It’s necessary for keeping the smoking grills moist and adding flavor to them.

However, sometimes an aluminum plate doesn’t come with the smoker; here, you have to buy it separately because it is necessary for keeping water inner the grill grates while smoking on high fire or temperature.

Step 4: Use wood Chips:

Wood chips will add natural flavor to your smoky meal, so use them and make your beloved ones happy. Mostly recommended wood types are hickory or cedar chips; plus, you may use cherry or plum chips.

 Secondly, if your smoker is average size, then four cups of wood chips are the requirement of an electric smoker to continuously fire on its optimum for three to four hours.

Moreover, usually, electric smokers come with a wooden tray, but in case your smoker hasn’t contained any wood tray. Then buy a separate wooden tray according to your smoker size.

Step 5: Preheat the Electric Smoker:

An electric smoker usually takes only thirty to forty-five minutes to heat up. Add one cup of wood chips into the tray, turn on the smoker, and set it to preheat mode. If the smoker has not reached the desired temperature and woods are used almost, then put two cups of wooden more into it and let it preheat thoroughly.

Step 6: Time to put the food:

Now, it’s time to put your food in the smoker after fueling it. Place the marinated food on the smoker grate and close the grill.

Step 7: Start a smoker:

Set the timer and temperature gauge of the device. Typically an electric smoker comes with 100 °F to 275 °F temperature ranges

Step 8: Manage the Temperatures:

First, use the vents and adjust the temperature while smoking or cooking the flesh. The ideal temperature is 225 °F for the majority of meat products. Change it periodically; changing or altering it isn’t suitable for food flavoring.

Step 9: Control the Air of your smoker:

Close vent ensures that no air will move out or in from the smoker, so remains it close while smoking. It will lead to the tastier and natural flavor of your smoky flesh.

Step 10: Let the meat smoke:

Next, let the smoking and wait for two hours, then spray water or any juice to prevent dryness of flesh and grill.

Cook it till the meat is prepared perfectly; put it aside after giving rest of an hour. Serve the meal full of smoky flavor to your family or friends and enjoy it.

Tips for the best usage of the Electric Smoker:

Here we have some more tips for you for getting the best advantage and perfect results from your smoker. It will ensure long-lasting use, effective smoking, and safe production.

Secure plug connections:

The Plug connections matter a lot because the priority should be your safety while smoking anything. Secondly, a secure plug connection will prevent your device from electric shocks.

We’ll recommend multifunctional sockets for this purpose that handle smoker’s voltage excellently and prevent from blowing up in low voltage issues.

Keep yourself safe:

Keep yourself safe from electric smoker poison by not using its grill indoors because the indoors release monoxide poisoning. 

Not to check repeatedly:

While cooking, checking repeatedly and opening the lid leads to a flavorless smoky taste. Therefore, be careful while smoking, and let the meal cook by itself via the smoker.

Wear Gloves:

Wear proper gloves; you may use latex gloves. It is essential for preventing your hands from greasy material or any chemical interaction. And this will prevent you from staining issues.

Cleaned properly:

After usage, the cleaning process seems complicated, especially when you are too tired or have not enough time to spend on this process. But your smoker demands a proper cleaning for practical long-term usage. 

However, some simple steps make this easier and save your time; first, remove the covered bottom of your smoker of aluminum foil. Remove it with few wipes and let the smoker dry for a few minutes.

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It’s all about how to use an Electric Smoker. We tried to cover all steps that make it easier for you to use it. Plus, saving tips will provide you more confidence and an easy way of operating and cleaning an electric smoker.

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